Worldwide Brands vs Salehoo – Which is Better?

This may not be the only Worldwide Brands and Salehoo review, but I hope that it's a useful and quick comparison for anyone who is thinking of joining either of them (or possibly even both).

What is Salehoo?

Salehoo is a directory of over 8,000 wholesalers and drop shippers.  They list about 1.5 million products in their database and all of the suppliers are 'screened' to prevent scams from getting in.  It costs $67 per year for membership.

What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is also a directory of verified suppliers, but has around 16 million products listed in their database.  It comes with a one off membership fee for lifetime access of $299, but there are discounts available.

What are the key differences?

The biggest difference is that Worldwide Brands lists more products – many, many more.  While Salehoo has 1.5 million products listed in their database, Worldwide brands has over 10 times that number – at over 16 million as of 2017, with more than 400,000 added every year.

Also, Worldwide Brands claim to go into more depth when researching suppliers – they visit their warehouse and place test orders – while Salehoo 'screens' them.

Which is better?

In my personal view, Worldwide Brands offers much more choice than Salehoo and in the long term WWB works out cheaper as it has only one lifetime fee while Salehoo has an annual fee that you will need to pay every year you want to continue to use their database.  However, both are good directories.

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