Unforgettable Moments with Kawasan Falls and Pescador Island Hopping

Over time, travelers whether they are a non-local or a foreign group, their taste for adventure differ. Others prefer to be on a safer side wherein they prefer to historical spots and learn more from the place, others prefer a more physical activity where they can go on a trek or some water sports. The province of Cebu has the best of both worlds and locals in the area are not shocked with such numbers visiting the province. Travelers prefer a more laid back and a welcoming ambience on their stay while they can still enjoy all the activities that the place has to offer.

With such demands and the things that they want, a Pescador and Kawasan falls are provided to them if they wanted to. Institutions prepared such bundle for their convenience and a more hassle free process. The things and activities that they will be doing will be sorted out especially when special needs arises during the tour. Local tour guides will be managing the tour on both places to let them experience all that there are on both destinations. Water sport activities goes pretty well with activities on foot thus a well spent day tour with your buddies and loved ones. 

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