Tips For Passing The Enrolled Agent Exam

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When you are studying or preparing to take the enrolled agent exam, make sure you not only are focused on studying but have a quiet place free of distractions to study at.  Generally speaking, most people that study for the enrolled agent exam, will need at least a month or two to adequately prepare for the exam, so they can pass the ea exam on their first attempt.  When studying for the exam, you should first go over each section in the workbooks and use any online software to test your knowledge.  Then after you have gone over the sections, you should take a full practice test to see how well you have comprehended the material.  The practice tests give you a great indication of how well you will do on the actual exam.

Studying for the irs enrolled agent, will not only greatly help your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt, but also give you a lot of practical knowledge that will be useful later on.  If you are having problems with certain topics or individual problems, you should reach out to the enrolled agent review company to see if they offer any support.  Additionally, you can often find online tutors or knowledgeable accounting professionals in your area, that should be able to help you.  Ideally, you don't want to skip over a problem or topic, simply because you do not understand it since there is a good chance you will see very similar problems on the actual exam.  Also, it's important that you are scoring high enough on the practice exams before you consider taking the actual exam.  Many students will sign-up for the proctored exam ahead of time and feel like they are committed to a specific test date.  Remember that the company that is proctoring the exam, will be administering dozens of different exams on your test date, so if you need to change the date, do not hesitate to do so.

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