Canyoneering after you watch the whale sharks is the best thing to do in Cebu

Survey shows that time after time, tourists and or foreign travelers coming in the place or Cebu to be specific are getting younger and younger relating that travelling has caught the attention of younger individuals. The province of Cebu has a lot to showcase to their guests and it is not a shocker if it will gain the interests of foreign travelers and or non-locals of the region. With the booming tourism now taking in to action, historical spots and areas of adventure are being showcased to them. Activities such as whale shark watching and canyoneering are perfect examples of a well sought after activity that every tourist should experience.

Time after time, whale sharks are coming in Cebu due to the fact that the creature’s body condition matches to the condition of the water that the region has. It eventually became a habitat for them thus locals in the area are making sure that the whale sharks are well protected. Moreover, the locals are feeding them with krill to attract them and have their guests have a closer look of the gentle underwater giants. On the other side, canyoneering is also another activity that will definitely test their physique and endurance as they will be traversing their way to reach the main falls or their last point of travel.

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